Antonio Velardo With Some Real Estate Humor

So to kick off the new year, Antonio Velardo did a little search on google for some real estate and investing-related humor.  Though, these were all taken from elsewhere (as indicated on each photo) they have been gathered and presented here to hopefully put a smile on your face.  Enjoy!


Antono Velardo sharing why a discount broker might not be the way to go


Antonio Velardo showing street parking 🙂


Antonio Velardo can provide better rates with real estate investing


Antonio Velardo IS a ninja


Antonio Velardo showing why this sale is urgent 🙂


Antonio velardo thinks that nothing more needs to be said about zillow


Antonio Velardo asks if you take first offers


Antonio Velardo knows that life in real estate means we keep working

I know that many of my friends (including Heath Detweiler) will agree with the above photos, but especially the last one 🙂

Antonio Velardo on internet usage

The ARPANET grew into the internet, the basic idea behind the internet was to have the independent combined networks. And today, the people cannot imagine their life without internet. It satisfied people in many aspects and various fields, it contains all the information one needs at any time. Almost everything is available on internet either they are of today’s world or the history. Besides that, people are very fond of social networking sites, which is the most important of using the internet. It helps for the quick and fast communication with their friends and relatives. It has also developed a great interest in the students who wants to study via internet because it provides great sources of education on it.

The internet can also be used as a source of business; as the people of today desires to earn online and make business online. Antonio Velardo also did my business and now I have some online business. Internet can be used in many ways, in this article, some of them are described.

The first way used by educational institutes is that teachers can give further lessons to students via internet and the information which is easily available online. Homework, tests even exams are taken online now-a-days.

The second way is to study and research as everything is available online, people can study and research on their topics of interest. For many students, the websites are given to them to study and do research on those. If anyone wants to know about law and defenders, one can search and get every information about Carl David Ceder, the defender and criminal lawyer.

On the internet, there are also free courses offered to those students who cannot go and take classes, they can learn anything online. A number of universities have opened free courses on internet such as Harvard and Stanford and they are accessible everywhere–Heath Detweiler has taken several of these courses; feel free to ask him for more details!  It means one will not take tension about the expensive tuitions fees and can learn online. Internet is an important part of our lives in today’s world, without it, one cannot manage anything. On a sidenote, check ou thtis yellow Lmabo