Antonio Velardo photo: Antonio Velardo shares Picture of the day for September 1, 2015

Wikipedia picture of the day on September 1, 2015: Louis Armstrong, jazz trumpeter

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Monday Laughs in Italy with Antonio Velardo

Monday Laughs in Italy with Antonio Velardo Italy with Antonio Velardo. Well, it wasn’t Antonio fishing in Belize in this one. But whoever this poor guy is, he got the worst of this. Hope he made it to shore alright. Love to share more at for those who are interested in real estate, digital media, or communications.

Monday Scares with Antonio Velardo of Italy

Monday Scares with Antonio Velardo of Italy Yes, Antonio Velardo would never be caught doing this in Italy or anywhere else. What is this guy thinking? I guess he was putting on a show though, so more power to him for that. Can read more about my antics if you like at Maybe not as funny as the guy in the video thinks, that is all that is all that I am saying.